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Quality installation can make the difference between plumbing fixtures that you love, and plumbing fixtures that you loathe. This is why Baumgardner’s Mechanical, Inc. In Biglerville, PA is the correct call to make.

Our qualified plumbing staff will install your residential or commercial fixture correctly, ensuring that it works well from day one. Call us to discuss your plumbing installation in the Gettysburg area today: (717) 334-6398.

Reasons to Contact Baumgardner’s Mechanical, Inc. for Repairs

There are many reasons to contact Baumgardner’s Mechanical, Inc. for residential and commercial plumbing repairs. Below are some of the issues that can occur in your bathroom or shower. If any of these plumbing-related problems happen, call us right away.

Knocking in the pipes:
If this is not corrected your pipes may spring a leak, break free, or bend.

Low water pressure:
If your system has low water pressure, it could mean a burst pipe in the walls, or a damaged hot water tank.

Dripping that will not stop:
High water pressure can also be an issue, which leads to this common complaint. Constant dripping may seem like a small burden, but it can damage your pipes. When it comes to repairing your dripping faucet, faster is better.

Slow drainage:
This could be wastewater pooling in your main drain, or a broken pipe. Standing water is a serious threat to your family’s health and well-being. A broken pipe could even breed dangerous mold growth.

Water that does not stay hot:
This problem could stem from your hot water tank leaking, or possibly completely failing.

Water that is strangely-colored:
If you are running water directly from your tap, it should appear clear. Any other color is cause for concern, especially if your water is blue. Blue water indicates catastrophic corrosion. This constitutes a plumbing system emergency. Stop using it right away, and call Baumgardner’s Mechanical, Inc. at (717) 334-6398.

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Gas Line Pipe Sizes: A Problem Waiting to Happen?

Pipes bring natural gas into your home or business. The size of these pipes is one of the most important aspects to making sure that your gas-powered appliances work well. If the wrong pipe size has been installed, it may only be a matter of time until your appliances stop working, including your stove and your furnace.

When that happens, call Baumgardner’s Mechanical, Inc. at (717) 334-6398. We can repair or install gas lines correctly. We are licensed professionals, and know how to handle this crucial situation.

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