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Heating Maintenance & Repair in Biglerville, PA

Heating for Homes in Biglerville, PA, and Surrounding Areas

If problems arise with your home heating system in and around Biglerville, PA, it can be more than uncomfortable. A residential heating issue can be unsafe. When you detect a problem, contact Baumgardner’s Mechanical, Inc. right away. Our skilled technicians will be there quickly.

They will diagnose what is going wrong and repair it fast. While our technician is at your home, ask about our preventive maintenance, so that similar heating and air quality issues will not arise.

Baumgardner’s: Comfort that Means Business

If the heating system malfunctions in a commercial building, the business owner cannot afford to wait to call for repairs. Heat is an absolute necessity to keep your customers happy and your employees healthy. If they find your location too cold, customers may decide to take their business elsewhere. Unhealthy employees mean more productivity lost due to sick days.

Whatever way you look at it, a heating system that is not cared for will cost you money and hurt your bottom line. But there is a solution to all of these problems: a call to Baumgardner’s Mechanical, Inc. in Biglerville, PA, at (717) 334-6398. Our technicians can get your system running at peak efficiency fast, saving you both time and money.

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Install and Repair Gas Lines with Baumgardner’s Mechanical, Inc.

Gas powers your heating system, as well as other appliances including furnaces and stoves. That is, until something goes wrong with your system.

If you notice anything amiss with your gas-powered appliances, call Baumgardner’s Mechanical, Inc. in Biglerville, PA, at (717) 334-6398.

common residential heating system problems

• Defective Flame Rollout Switch
• Failed Control Board
• Faulty Blower Motor
• Faulty Heat Exchanger
• Faulty Igniter

• Faulty Pilot Assembly or Orifice
• Furance Filter Issues
• Malfunctioning Gas Valve Assembly
• Malfunctioning Thermostat
• Plugged A-Coil